Cardinals vs. 49ers | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 33-21, in Week 5 of the 2016 NFL season! #TNF Subscribe to NFL: Start your free …


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46 thoughts on “Cardinals vs. 49ers | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

  1. 03:14 They should stop bullshitting everyone and just put flags on these qbs already. This guy is running 10 feet tall into the secondary. #21's looks like he doesn't know what to do. "If I light him up, I'll lose my paycheck for the week…"

  2. 49ers have the Kap curse on them, they will lose every game until he's gone. That's what happens when you spit on the American flag. Losers

  3. the officials made a comment about Steelers throwback uniforms at least we have history to where we don't forget where we came from with with those throwback uniforms and they are not ugly don't hate cause we have six Super Bowl wins try and catch up

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