Broncnutz Clowns the KC Chiefs **Special Edition**

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25 thoughts on “Broncnutz Clowns the KC Chiefs **Special Edition**

  1. Let me get this straight you're telling us that my Chiefs team is bad how many games did you win this year then we beat you twice haven't we beaten you like 5 times in a row at least we got to go to the playoffs you said at home watch it on TV I can't see the next time you guys can beat us you lost two are backups against your starters I'd be humiliated but it was funny to watch a rookie quarterback demolisher no-fly zone

  2. We also had injuries and I feel he passed the line and shouldn’t have fought it and the Johnson sack was a fumble and the 2 point conversion sack was as a fumble the refs screwed us also yea we blew the lead and I’m disappointed and frustrated but it was also the refs that was against us

  3. my team was not in playoffs but some chiefs fan just called me a hater just cuz i told him not to let that halftime lead they had get them comfortable. I'm like dude how am i a hater, i was just saying your team cant relax espeicially in the playoffs when crazy comeback shit like this can happen

  4. As Robert E. Lee said at Appomattox, "Well guys, it looks like we blew it!"
    You can't spell CHOKE without KC!
    They were as bad as the Ravens last Sunday!

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