Bills vs. Bengals | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

The Buffalo Bills battle the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 5 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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49 thoughts on “Bills vs. Bengals | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

  1. I think the bills need to swtich QBs Taylor have trouble spreading the ball hi old ball to long waiting for plays to develop that put our offense in not so good performance plus we can't relie on our defenses to win game the offense need to put points on the board just saying

  2. if the Bills are indeed serious about the playoffs, they best get themselves a QB who can perform in the clutch. In over two seasons, Tyrod has managed one game-winning drive, in 2015 against the pitiful Titans…which he had to rush for. His play in similar situations has been mostly dreadful otherwise. Problem is, McDermott don't know diddly about offense, and it shows.

  3. Please stop it with the bills beat the โ€˜falcons โ€˜ without Julio Jones !!! Would the bengals won without Aj Green ? Foh that was a fluke get over it

  4. As a Bills fan im ok with this loss. Cincy is way better than their record shows. They are looking good on both sides of the ball. I still feel good about the Bills even after this loss. Im not surprised the Bills beat Atlanta but lost to Cincy. Cincy at the moment looks like one of the scariest teams in the league.

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