Bears hire former Chiefs OC Matt Nagy as new head coach | NFL Live | ESPN

Adam Schefter reports that the Chicago Bears hired former Kansas City Chiefs OC Matt Nagy as the new head coach. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✓ Watch…


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42 thoughts on “Bears hire former Chiefs OC Matt Nagy as new head coach | NFL Live | ESPN

  1. I love the hire. All the haters in these comments don’t even know who Nagy is lol. The bears have a top 10 defense so with this hire the bears relevant again since I think they will be an offense on the uprise. Maybe draft Calvin Ridley and sign a veteran WR not named Kendall Wright or Marcus Wheaton and they will be set.

  2. And of course, the following day the team hires three former coaches in Chris Tabor, Harry Hiestand and Charles London. Looks like the front office is already putting their imprint on Nagy's staff. Way to show the NFL what a puppet your new Head Coach is. Just once, the front office needs to allow the Head Coach to do their own job without interference. But that's not how the McCrapskey's roll.

  3. Calling it.
    2018: Cohen will get 700 yards rushing with at least 500 receiving. At least 7 TDS altogether.
    Howard is getting 1500 yards with at least 10 TDS
    Hope we get some good receivers though.

  4. The first thing the new coach needs to do is ship in 25 tons of Lysol, and one thousand sponges, and cleaning rags, to clean the stench, the stink of the 2017 Bears from the locker room, the stadium seats, Lakeshore Drive, and the parking lot. Each player needs to help in the clean-up effort. Maybe by the Summer, the stench will be gone. BUT how will they clean the cloud of foul gas that hangs over the stadium?

  5. Listen all bears fans that are complaining, re-fucking-lax he hasn’t coached one game for us and he was already hi on trubisky and looks like a good OC that really had nothing to do with the collapse with the titans game that’s all on Andy Reid.

  6. Which black candidate did they interview? Did they violate the Rooney rule? First the Raiders now the Bears. I guess Goodell doesn't give a shit about the Rooney rule anymore. Pathetic

  7. Ted Philip and McCaskey are laughing their ass off at us fans they don’t know what the fuck they are doing out of the other good coaches out there they 😂 they went with the cheapest coach they can find Haha who the fuck is this guy ? Looking like. Goblin we are going to be trash for more years to come 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. So they hired a proven loser to lead their team. Good job morons. I see a 4 win season coming up. Did you watch the chiefs this year? They were terrible.

  9. Apparently, Andy Reid took over play calling in the second half of that game, and there's plenty of video of Andy's activities on the sidelines to prove it. I for one am ok with the hire (however, I was hoping for Dave Toub). IMO, not as risky as DeFillipo and McDaniels blew his last opportunity. Now, the dream scenario is DeFillipo as the OC and finding a way to keep Fangio from escaping.

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