BaitRunner: The Supreme Shimano Reel

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Let’s face it. You go out on a fishing trip and you think you have everything ready. You have your gear with you, and you set everything up pretty much in the right way. Still, the fish are not coming. You check and recheck everything, still, nothing. So what’s wrong? How come others are reeling in the fish? What’s working for them and not for you? So you glance at the guy next to you and you notice the difference. Yep, it’s a BaitRunner. A Shimano BaitRunner (oh yes, you can turn green with envy now). Not only is the design beautifully sleek, its engineering is top of the line.

Yet again, Shimano has outdone itself with this new line of reels. Shimano is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures cycling components and fishing and snowboarding equipment. They have produced top-of-the-line products for these three sports. In making sport fishing gear, Shimano continues to be the forerunner. They have always been ahead of the pack. You only have to look at the more than 3,000 world records that were caught with Shimano equipment to become a believer. The Baitrunner is just another proof of this supremacy over other brands of reels.

A BaitRunner reel is similar to a fixed spool reel. The only difference is that with a BaitRunner, it is possible to bait fish with a closed bail while keeping the reel in total free spool. The Shimano Baitrunner has a one-of-a-kind secondary drag system. This allows you to feed out your line in a tension-controlled free spool. So whether you are fishing from the pier or from a boat, you have the advantage of full management over the fish.

One of the best features of the Shimano Baitrunner is the special grooved roller design. Its engineering ensures that loops and twists are kept to a minimum by allowing the line to evenly wrap on the spool. You would not have to worry about line tangles anymore. For instant hooksetting power, the Baitrunner has a one-way roller bearing that removes all back play on the handle.

Shimano BaitRunner spinning reels come in three different models all carefully crafted to withstand the demands your fishing requirements. You have your own unique style and needs. So you check out the BaitRunner that would best suit you. You have to know the basics for you to make the right choice. The 3500, 4500, and 6500 are the latest innovations from the classic Shimano BaitRunner reel series. What’s great about these is that all three models can be used for both salt and freshwater fishing. And the good news doesn’t stop there. You can choose the best Baitrunner reel to match your fishing style because each of these three models have different line capacities.

Convinced yet? There’s more. The Shimano BaitRunner, like all Shimano reels, is easy to maintain and was designed to give a maximum output performance for years. You’re sure to get your money’s worth and a lifetime of great fishing experiences.

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Source by Rob Fuering

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