Appraising and pricing your football cards

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You happened to find out a stack of old football cards that your ancestral collected long time back and don’t know what to do them. No issues, it may be quite likely to find some of the valuable cards which are worth a thousand dollars or more if lucky. Though baseball a card collecting is the most popular hobby, collecting football cards is becoming one of the popular hobbies in the sports industry.


Now, getting back to the stack of football cardboards, it is very important to know the value of each card and price accordingly. The main hurdle is how to appraise the Football Card Values and Pricing football trading card. Accurate pricing requires in depth knowledge about the football trading card market trend and right skill set to keep up with the ever changing card values. Apart from the market trends it is also important to know the numerous factors affecting the Football Card Worth.


Compare value from different online resource

No doubt it’s a daunting task to determine the exact value, but, nothing is impossible. Find out from the online auction sites and other resources; compare the value listed in their record. Gather as much as information you could, finally you would be able to get an idea of the price range. When doing the task, you should note that the value differs according to the physical condition of the card. If the same item carries different price, it may be due to the difference in condition.


Refer to football card price guides

My experience says that Beckett and Tuff Stuff are the two most reliable companies providing football card price guide and other sports card price guide. Tuff Stuff offers free downloadable online price guides while Beckett charges a minimal fee. But subscribing to Beckett’s football card pricing guide, you can access to the millions of databases which might be of good help and also will get latest pricing updates.


Appraising the vintage items

You never know your vintage cardboard may be worth thousands of dollars, but due to lack of knowledge you sold it online for just a few dollars. To avoid such situations, vintage football cards and other valuable sports cards must be professionally appraised.  By appraising the value you will know the actual worth of the football card you have.


Once you have determined and appraised the vintage items, it is also very important to store them in an organized way. You may use a binder or storage box with dividers to store them. Organize them the way you want so that you can locate them easily. You may group them as per set, year, player and value etc.

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