Aion Assassin PvP Guide

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Aion Assassin PvP is highly suited to the solo player, as they are the least reliable on being in a group to be effective in PvP. Aion Assassin, like many rouge type classes in mmorpgs can sneak around without being seen, and striking the victim when they least expect it. So running around in a group, announcing your presence is not very beneficial to the style of gameplay of Assassins. Most Assassins who do group, tend to form groups with other Assassins.

If done correctly, Assassins can obliterate some classes very quickly, especially Clerics and Chanters. So if Assassins are in a large scale battle, these are the classes they should be killing first. Clerics taken out early on, can turn the tide of battles, since after losing the healers, the remaining enemy classes will fall very quickly.

To be a great at Assassin PvP, you need to know the three main advantages of Assassins. These are stealth, stuns and damage. Stealth is somewhat obvious capability, though it’s is not as overpowered as in other games, since it can only last up to 50s and has a 1 minute cooldown. But is it still good enough to orchestrate a well planned ambush. However, watch out for other Assassins in the area, as they can see you, unlike other the other Aion classes.

Stuns, are the bane of many classes, and is constantly whined on forums, as it can essentially block a player from counter-attacking. Multiple successive stuns on a target, often known as stun locking is possible given that enough Stimga skills are acquired. A possible stun lock combination would be Whirlwind Slash -> Pain Rune -> Ambush -> Binding Rune. Though remember some of those stuns are situational and based on evade, so getting the right gear does not just mean equipping equipment with high damage bonuses.

In Aion Assassin PvP, damage plays a major role. The Assassin does highest amount of damage for any class in the game. The backstab is the main attack of the Assassin, so always try to manoeuvre yourself behind your target. This is easiest when attacking from stealth, alternatively try and stun lock them, and then move behind them.

One specific damage enhancing skill is being capable of Engraving Patterns on enemies, This not only causes high amounts of damage, but can also inflict some nasty debuffs as well. One point mentioning is that if there are two Assassin one one target, either one can remove the Patterns. So make sure you work out a strategy, so that you do not cancel the Engravings too early. Something like alternating who removes the fifth pattern, would work. If done well, an Assassin PvP tag team are a formidable foe on the battlefields.

In conclusion, the Aion Assassin PvP is all about planning. Waiting for the right moment and position to attack, applying the right amount of Patterns for high damage and learning how to stun lock to effectively disable your enemy.

Source by Jonathan Mansal

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