AFC WEST: Kansas City Chiefs Better or Worse

AFC West Predictions and Power Rankings post NFL Draft and Free Agency. The Kansas City Chiefs traded pro bowl quarterback Alex Smith to the Washington …


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45 thoughts on “AFC WEST: Kansas City Chiefs Better or Worse

  1. Hey Brandon! Been watching you for several years and though my chiefs are your rivals I LOVE your content!! Keep it up and best of luck to you and your broncos this season. Lastly I’ll say that I’m concerned about mahomes… like a lot

  2. I like you but not your take on my team and a corner like Marcus peters is a cancer on every team! Our defense stands to be overall better rather than good at corner for 1 year!!!! We all know he ain’t gonna sign with kc. Smart to get something now! Ask Keemun about that atrocity of a playoff game! Can you say Alex Smith!? If so, say hi case Keemun! Oh and where’s is your problem corner?! Oh, with peters? I think he’s a little scared of what’s coming in the West! Lmao Dracula style! Love your hair Pat Mahomes! Originality! Go Chiefs 12-4 afc West title! Again!

  3. Chiefs defense WITH Marcus Peters last year: 30th. They can only be better without him. If you think the Chiefs won't get double digit wins this year, you obviously never watch them.

  4. How you going to say a chief is going to be better then a Bronco these guys are about the same level of hatred for the Raiders to me never say that Chubb will be way better just saying hate the Chiefs just as bad great content tho B Rad

  5. As a Chiefs fan this was pretty funny and mostly true. Tamba and DJ though were old and needed upgraded. Tamba had one tackle all year. Only significant loss was Peters.

  6. I was born and raised a Chiefs fan. This was a great video well said and well made. I thought you were being honest and everything that you said. 👍

  7. When we was gonna go to the playoffs and the damn ball hit the feild go post and went in and I cried for a good hour thinking what Brandon perna is gonna talk about on that's good sports/ that's good broncos, lol,

  8. Kansas City won the trade with Washington. I like Alex Smith, but the Skins had a great thing going with Fuller and Norman. Alex Smith is going to have the same kind of performance Cousins did simply because the Skins have terrible coordinators and Dan Snyder is a piece of shit that kills everything he touches.

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