Aaron Rodgers To Jared Cook Wins Best Play | The ESPYS | ESPN

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers and Jared Cook win the 2017 ESPY for best play. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Subscribe NOW …


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48 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers To Jared Cook Wins Best Play | The ESPYS | ESPN

  1. All the butt hurt Brady fans on here, jeez. Who cares it's a meaningless award for one play. Which was amazing and clearly the best play of the year.

  2. Brady: Mine's better, it happened in the Super Bowl.
    Rodgers: The what? That's something I very vaguely remember.
    Brady: It's the game you get to after you win a conference championship.
    Rodgers: When you what a conference championship???
    Brady: WIN
    Rodgers: ???
    Brady: …

  3. Overrated. Great regular season QB. Can't win you any more chips. Sit down with Olivia Munn and enjoy a long offseason buddy.

  4. Edelman should have won this, he made a fucking game saving catch and they give this award to Aaron Rodgers for a stupid regular season play

  5. So it's a fan vote, and you can vote as many times as you like… Ok makes sense now.
    Packer fans on Twitter said something about "NFL History"… umm No, people don't EVER remember the "Quarterfinal" game. But rejoice, because thank God nobody remembers the "Semifinals" either… because the Pack straight got embarrassed there!! At least the Cowboys would have probably made it a game!
    No, History only remembers "CHAMPIONS". So instead of making excuses like most losers in life, Packer fans didn't give up and just decided to make the ESPYS their "Super Bowl".
    Congrats cheeseheads, you guys vote like champions!

  6. How are people calling Rodgers overrated or overhyped. the man who had 40 TDs this season? Really? That's who you're calling overrated?

  7. I'm tired of this debate over who's the better qb. We need the packers and patriots to face each other in the superbowl. Also that would be a great superbowl to watch.

  8. Did nobody just see Aaron snatch that trophy out of OBJ's hand with so much disrespect man does anybody know if they got beef with each other or is because Rodgers whooped them in the playoffs

  9. How was BRADY robbed????? That play was like 90% Edelman, cuz the throw got broken up. And you wanna talk about luck?? Bruh look at that catch that's so lucky. I see Aaron make throws like that all the time and people still are like ohh so lucky like no bro that's just what he does

  10. Rodgers is definitely the best NFL player currently in the NFL. Pats are the best team in the NFL. Which is better for you Pats fans? Cause the whole team wins championships, not just one player. You rather have Brady be the best player, but have the rest of the team be mediocre? Thought so; stop bitching. This isn't tennis, baseball, or even basketball. This is the ultimate team sport with a 53 man roster. Rodgers deserved both awards

  11. Rodgers had to carrying the team through the whole regular and playoff games. Brady in the super bowl was great but that defense stepping up in that second was more help to the offense.

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