’85 Bears Win Super Bowl XX | Bears vs. Patriots | NFL Full Game

The NFL Presents: Super Bowl XX in Full. Watch the ’85 Bears cement their legacy. 2:05 W. Payton fumbles, recovered by L. McGrew 5:14 T. Franklin 36-yard …


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28 thoughts on “’85 Bears Win Super Bowl XX | Bears vs. Patriots | NFL Full Game

  1. 2:05 W. Payton fumbles, recovered by L. McGrew

    5:14 T. Franklin 36-yard FG

    8:17 J. McMahon 43-yard pass to W. Gault

    12:25 K. Butler 28-yard FG

    15:02 W. Marshall sacks T. Eason for loss of 10 yards

    20:29 S. McMichael sacks T. Eason, Eason fumbles, recovered by D. Hampton

    26:45 K. Butler 24-yard FG

    27:51 M. Singletary recovers C. James fumble

    29:32 M. Suhey 11-yard TD

    43:22 McMahon 2-yard TD

    46:32 O. Wilson sacks T. Eason for loss of 11 yards

    51:05 M. Suhey fumbles, R. Clayborn recovers

    1:04:07 McMahon 29-yard pass to K. Margerum

    1:07:03 K. Butler 24-yard FG

    1:09:35 R. Dent sacks S. Grogan for loss of 5 yards

    1:11:23 O. Wilson sack S. Grogan for loss of 13-yards

    1:13:42 McMahon 60-yard pass to W. Gault

    1:20:12 McMahon 1-yard TD

    1:23:52 R. Phillips intercepts S. Grogan, returns for TD

    1:26:53 W. Marshall recovers S. Morgan fumble

    1:30:50 McMahon 29-yard pass to D. Gentry

    1:31:55 “The Refrigerator” 1-yard TD

    1:39:21 D. Hampton sacks S. Grogan for loss of 10 yards

    1:43:40 S. Grogan 8-yard TD pass to I. Fryar

    1:48:27 M. Singletary recovers D. Ramsey fumble

    1:54:50 J. Morrissey intercepts S. Grogan

    2:02:43 H. Waechter sacks S. Grogan for safety

  2. The New England Patriots never stood a chance against Mike Ditka's offense and Buddy Ryan's legendary 46 defense! While the Patriots scored first with a field goal, it was a lead that was not to be! The Bears performance was one for the ages and despite turning the ball over 2 times, they forced the Patriots into 6 turnovers from they would not overcome! In the end, it was a 46-10 blowout win for the Bears over the Patriots!

  3. Didn't recall that the play before the controversy where the Fridge was given the ball instead of Payton, clearly Gentry on the long pass didn't even get one foot in-bounds. If the ref who is right there doesn't blow that call, perhaps there would not be any opportunity for any controversy to ensue. Payton did get the ball several times after the Morrisey INT return inside the Patriots' 10 yard line, but the Bears got a holding call and illegal forward pass call that took them out of a realistic scenario for Payton to get a rushing TD.

  4. everyone till this day says Marino would beat the bears he could not beat the pats his biggest win will be against the bears in the regular season NO SUPER BOWL WINS THAT BEARS TEAM IS SO GREAT FOR THESE REASON S 1.FROM 1984 THRU 1986 THREE SEASONS THEIR RECORD REG.SEASON 39 -9 AND 4-2 IN THE POST WITH THEIR QB OUT MOST OF THE TIME 2.WALTER PAYTON AND 3. DA DEFENSE IN 84 AND 85 136 QB SACKS !

  5. There's been at least one wider point margin in Super Bowl history that I can recall than Super Bowl XX, but this was easily the most dominating performance of one team over the other in a Super Bowl ever. The Patriots could do nothing in this game. It had to be humiliating and down right embarrassing for those Patriots players walking off that field when the game was over. By the end of the 1st quarter, you could see it in their faces and body language that they knew they were gonna get whooped that night. Every time you turned around, the Bears were making a big play, either on offense or defense. From what I've learned, to this day Tony Eason doesn't discuss Super Bowl XX.

  6. "With all their options exhausted, the Patriots had no place to run and nowhere to hide. The 46 defense even beat the Patriots at their own game forcing 6 turnovers. Like kids at a company picnic, the Bears were having a field day. With 11 attempts all game, New England gained only 7 rushing yards in a devastation so complete that even the Bears couldn't believe it. This outrageous script called for Chicago to hold New England to negative yardage until the score was 37-3."

  7. another complete sticking of the afc by the nfc in that era of the nfl… I think from like 84-98 the nfc brutalized the afc bad in super bowls but in this game the pats shoulda been punting on 3rd down most the game cuz my lord this was bad as ive seen and they let up on em! it was 44-3 in middle of 3rd qtr total domination by the bears.. defense was all over them only reason they had 3pts was because payton fumbled near 20yd line of pats on 1st possession of game

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