5 Exciting Gift Ideas for Men Who Love the Outdoors

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Turning 50 is a momentous occasion that you can commemorate in various ways. There are several 50th birthday gifts you can consider, from a simple yet very meaningful souvenir like a CD recording or a grand party for the celebrant. Seeking out the perfect gift for your outdoorsman will be an adventure of its own. Here are some gift ideas you can consider:

Fishing supplies

People who fish simply cannot have too many gadgets and extra supplies. A brand new fishing rod may be an ideal gift for the old-school fisherman who loves quiet fishing trips. You can get fishing accessories or a variety of lures that he can utilize if he already has many fishing rods. There are also modern fishing devices such as a digital fish finder which fishermen can use on their boats.

Something that can make his camping trips more enjoyable

If the outdoorsman in your life enjoys camping, why not give him something that can make his camping trips more comfortable? Consider buying an air mattress that he can easily tuck in a backpack and sleep comfortably on while camping out or a set of portable recliners that he can sit and relax on at his campsite. Another idea for a suitable gift is a camp stove which he can use to cook great food even while camping away from home. You can give him a chance to look at different wildlife during his camping trip by giving him a pair of binoculars.

Charter a helicopter for him

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers will surely enjoy something as exciting and unique as a helicopter ride. Some sightseeing companies offer helicopter tours over cities and different landmarks. Book reservations and include family and friends of the celebrant so they can all enjoy the great views. The flight times of scenic helicopter rides vary depending on where the tours will be, but they usually last from 10 to 40 minutes with every minute sure to be fun and memorable.

Sports gear

Many outdoorsmen also love engaging in sports activities. If he is a collector of sports memorabilia, find something he’ll prize as an addition to his collection. If he loves golf, consider buying him golf equipment and accessories like golf club or golfing apparel. For the basketball fan, why not give him a new pair of basketball shoes? If you don’t know what sport the birthday celebrant enjoys doing, you can give him a gift certificate for a sports shop as a birthday gift instead.

Something he can use for gardening

Older outdoors enthusiasts may like to partake in more mild activities such as gardening. You can encourage his hobby with a gift of useful gardening tools and accessories. You can give him gardening tools such as shovels, spades and hoes or a gardening hat. You can also consider giving him a garden fountain to make the landscape more beautiful if he already has different gardening items. You might also want to add some new plants he can tend to especially if it is planting season.

When buying a birthday gift, always remember to put in thought and effort.

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