49ers vs. Bears | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

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The Chicago Bears defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 26-6, in Week 13 of NFL action! Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game …


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46 thoughts on “49ers vs. Bears | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

  1. Oh well… Hopefully my niners will do better next season. Should have kept Gore and Crabtree, not to mention Vernon Davis. Maybe then Kap would actually have a target to throw to before everything broke down.

  2. I like how people are hating on kaepernick for expressing his political views and peacefully protesting. Isnt that what you Constitution extremists believe in? I mean if the Constitution says you have the right to express your views and protest then why doesnt he have the right to do so? hypocrisy is real

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