36 Sport Cards Collectible Card Display Case Cabinet Holder Wall Rack 98% UV, Lockable -Black

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Hand made from imported Australian beech wood. This furniture grade card display case is of beautiful design and construction, very detailed and attractive, but also very affordable. Perfect way to display your memorable cards that you have collected. This case can display up to a total of 36 full size cards or in sleeves.

This unique display case features a black felt fabric background that creates a stunning contrast with your cards. The case comes standard with heavy duty locks (to protect your case, as well as a 98% UV Coated plexiglass door to protect your cards from fading. A must have! Door opens from right to left. Matching wood shelves comes with a groove to securely hold the cards in place. (cards not included)

Perfect case to display your sports cards, game cards, or any other cards that are no more then 4.25″ tall. Display case come’s fully assembled ready to mount to the wall. (all mounting hardware is included) Please note: Graded cards will not fit in this case. If your cards are in larger hard plastic cases you will only be able to fit 16 cards in this case. This is most ideal for cards by itself or in loose sleeves. Unit Weight: 9 lbs. Dimensions: 28″H X 16″W 2.00″D Space between Shelves: 4.25″Handcrafted in solid furniture grade beech hardwood with elegant finish.
Lockable Latches with Keys to keep your item protected.
98% UV Protected Door to protect your items from fading.
Holds up to 36 regular size cards loose or in sleeves.
Fully Assembled with all hardware included.

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