2018 Top 10 Plays: Week 4

The TOP 10 plays from Week 4 in the AUDL! 10. Stephen Poulos, Nashville NightWatch 9. Ethan Falat, San Jose Spiders 8. Ben Burelle, Toronto Rush 7. Nick Hutton, Indianapolis AlleyCats 6. Andrew…


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4 thoughts on “2018 Top 10 Plays: Week 4

  1. Stop including all these shit layouts in the highlights! Too many guys in the AUDL do this and a lot of the time they end up dropping it in the process. #2 is beautiful though.

  2. How is #7 (and #6) not closer to the top? #4 and #5 were both gratuitous bids. If you look at 2:07 he dives for the endzone after he catches the disc with his foot on the ground.

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