2013 NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks | NFL Full Game

In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the 2013 NFC Championship Game between the San Francisco 49ers & Seattle Seahawks! 1:28 – Aldon Smith …


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39 thoughts on “2013 NFC Championship: San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks | NFL Full Game

  1. 1:28 – Aldon Smith strip-sacks Russell Wilson, 49ers Recover

    4:24 – 49ers Phil Dawson makes 25-yard FG

    24:20 – NaVorro Bowman Sacks Russell Wilson on third down to end drive

    31:10 – Colin Kaepernick scrambles for 58 yards

    35:50 – 49ers Anthony Dixon rushes for 1-yard TD on 4th down

    44:04 – Russell Wilson launches 51-yard pass to Doug Baldwin

    48:18 – Seahawks Steven Hauschka makes 32-yard FG

    1:01:12 – 49ers stop Seahawks on 4th down to end half

    1:12:34 – Marshawn Lynch bursts through line for 40-yard TD

    1:18:48 – Colin Kaepernick finds Anquan Boldin for 26-yard TD

    1:25:05 – Steven Hauschka makes 40-yard FG

    1:38:42 – Russell Wilson connects with Jermaine Kearse for 35-yard TD

    1:46:22 – Cliff Avril strip-sacks Kaepernick on 3rd down, Seahawks recover

    1:53:43 – 49ers Stop Seahawks 4th down attempt at the 1-yard line

    1:56:09 – Kam Chancellor intercepts Kaepernick

    2:03:30 – Steven Hauschka makes 47-yard FG

    2:10:20 – Sherman tips pass to Malcolm Smith for game-sealing Interception

  2. Kaepernick was sooo good. Early dropped balls by his receivers, no help from gore or the running game in general, up against the best pass defense in history, no iupati and this dude damn near pulled it off. He provided the passing yards and the rushing yards. It was literally kaepernick vs the Seahawks.

  3. such an awesome game…. feels like it was yesterday the 49ers were dominant. This was the super bowl before the actual super bowl happened. Great game Seattle and wish I could say this game was rigged but it was such a great game overall with so much emotion I cant even complain.

  4. Everyone needs to shut up about it being rigged of course it's rigged they are just paid actors to play football!! It's all about money and it's going to continue to get worse sadly

  5. Richard: Well I'm the best corner in the game when you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that's the result you gonna get!! Don't you ever talk about me!

    Reporter: Who was talking about you?

    Richard: Crabtree don't you open your mouth about the best or ima shut it for you real quick.

    Had me deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Disagree with me or not. In The NBA The East Is Week. & In The NFL The AFC Is Weak. The Only Competition In The AFC Is The Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, Raiders That's It. Maybe You Can Put The Ravens & The Broncos But Not Really.

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