1980 St Louis football Cardinals highlight film (NFL Films)

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The Big Red had another magical losing season.


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20 thoughts on “1980 St Louis football Cardinals highlight film (NFL Films)

  1. holy cardinal! that run by O.J. v ersus the Eagles one of the great runs under pressure. 4th and 1 up only 17-14. stop them and the unbeaten Eagles probably will win. but instead…..OJ should be in HOF! by the way Those two Eagles who missed the tackles were bill bergey and Frank Lemaster two Pro bowlers who were great players and tacklers

  2. Sad that St. Louis has now lost the Cardinals and the Rams—I really hope they eventually get another NFL team–and with an owner committed to staying in St. Louis

  3. God bless my brother theotis Brown appreciate the past timeshare passes always Oakland boy from you and your partner to watch you play was on the team didn't play much

  4. I asked this question on another YT video, but who among the following is most deserving of being in the Hall of Fame? Jim Hart, Steve Grogan, Joe Ferguson, or Kenny Anderson?

  5. "Executing with discipline, and playing with desire" – if that doesn't spell out "losing season" then i don't know what does ("hey, they tried hard at least, and they knew their plays!").
    Congrats again to NFL Films for making every highlight reel appear as if the team was one step from The Super Bowl…

  6. In a way, 1980 was the end of an era for the Cards (Following year, Lomax came aboard and Roy Green ended up being a WR due to injuries).A time of transistion.

  7. Yes watermark is there but I used first thing I found. I don't take this stuff very seriously. So u can be happy I did not just keep videos for myself, or just deal with it. Otherwise no one making u watch. I find the complaints a bit childish. It is freaking youtube

  8. Dan Kelly, the great Blues hockey announcer, calling play-by-play starting at 4:41. Kelly announced football and baseball Cardinals games during the early 1980s.

  9. The destruction of the Saints caused New Orleans sports anchor Buddy Diliberto to broadcast that night's sports on WVUE-TV wearing a bag over his head…and the "AINTS" were born.

  10. I was a mere kid and I remember those days as though it were yesterday. Amazing that here we 'go again' with The "Lambs" I mean Rams…My gosh, pro football in STL has been an absolute colossal mess absent that Super Bowl Year (and I attribute that to the Pope's visit, seriously…).

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